“You bring an element we don’t have; it brings out important bridges between academics with performance. This program exposes the students to another avenue and it might just change their path for the future. The kids will walk away and remember.”

Principal Dirk Olmstead, Parkville Community School

The Moving Matters!™ Program brings collaborative movement-based residencies into schools (grades 1- high school). which help children -develop self-knowledge and awareness, expand cognitive skills, and develop tools for resilient living. Residencies are typically based on a theme that encourages diversity, expression, collaboration and community, culminating in a performance or sharing. JDPP works closely with school administration and classroom teachers to ensure enhanced curricular connection.

The unique Moving Matters! Parkville residency is among the longest running arts-in-education programs within the Hartford Public Schools. Described as a national model by arts educator and consultant Mitchell Korn, the program began in 1996 with a single engagement in the 5th grade. Upon the principal’s request, it now encompasses the entire first through fifth grade student body. The program allows students to work collaboratively, to imaginatively develop and challenge both their own knowledge and understanding and that of others.

To introduce college as a real possibility for their future, fifth grade students go on a special guided tour of Trinity College two days after the culminating performance.

Post program surveys reveal; * 67% of the students said that their class felt more like a team after the program * 78% of the students said that they look forward to the day they have their movement class * 67% of the students agreed that they participate more in class after movement * 78% of the students agreed that the arts are important

Moving Matters! residencies have touched students over 10 schools in central Connecticut. Students are empowered as citizens as they work on vital and relevant topics such as:

  • Immigration
  • Bullying
  • Acceptance
  • Friendship
  • Dreams for our future

Moving Matters! Parkville

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